Nestled in Eype

A caravan in England is the same as a fixed RV.  Some could say it is a mobile home, a small manufactured house, a compact vacation house or “trailer.”   Highlands End Holiday Park in Dorset, England houses 20 such caravans fully equipped with a full bathroom, kitchen and eating area, television, 2 bedrooms and sweeping views of Lyme Bay in the living area.  They can comfortably sleep a family of 6 and best of all are reasonably priced. 

Relaxing in Highlands End is not a hard task to do.  One can seek pleasure in the Park’s indoor pool, sauna room, a game of golf or tennis, or a gym workout.  However, the most relaxing and beautiful part of this area is Chermouth Beach.  Walking from the park to the beach is an easy little trek on a pleasant grassy path.  However, keep a close eye on your little ones, as there are steep cliffs with no rails in some areas.  Because of this cliff-side pathway, though, walkers are sure to get a jaw-dropping view of Lyme Bay.  On the way down to Chermouth Beach, you will find one of England’s signature stone walls following you all the way down to the beach.    Eype

Once you set foot on Chermouth, you’ll be drawn to the water.  Rocks of all shapes and sizes are perfect for skipping along the glistening bay, and sea life is ever so present here.  Little orange, brown and cream rocks similarly shaped like a turtle’s shell dominate most of the existing rocks on Chermouth Beach.  Fishing boats leaning against the cliff adds to the charm of Eype, proving this is, in fact, a quaint and charming village of England’s.  A beautiful little area, Eype is an unexpectedly breath-taking part of the world.