Make A Sweet Detour

I’m an avid walker.  By “avid” I mean that I walk my oldest son to school every day with my littlest son in tow (who is four).  We have walked this route for the last three years and I’ve never bothered to clock it.  I’ve just thought,

“Well, if they don’t complain, it’s not that far.”

Over the hills, and through the woods....

I clocked it recently to find that it’s a total of 1.6 miles (there and back).  I have to say … I’m pretty proud of my littlest one who has to do this twice a day.  This is through snow, sleet, sun, rain, wind or hail (and sometimes, being in the Northwest, all combined in one go).

So today we took a little detour after dropping my oldest to school.  We walked down to the closest donut shop (which, okay, is far out of the way, but worth it) and enjoyed what I want to call A Sweet Detour.

Sweets & Treats


One thought on “Make A Sweet Detour

  1. Your children will always remember these days fondly. I remember when my mother walked my sister and I to school all through grade school. To this day, there’s a certain scent in the mornings that brings back those wonderful memories!

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