A Brief Look at 2010

My Beautiful Sister

I’m taking a moment today to look at the year.  I can safely say that I think most of us do this once Christmas and its holiday cheer and madness is over.  It’s a time of reflection and thought and questions and answers.

My sister and I, as teenagers, started a tradition that I still do today, 17 years later … we write ourselves a “New Years’ Letter”.  So, on the night of New Years’ Eve, we open the previous letter from the previous year, and find ourselves reading through pages and pages of memories from, what seems like, an eternity ago (amazing what a year does to us!).  We fill these letters with hopes and dreams, events and landmarks, answers to the years’ previous questions, and end it with questions to our future selves.  I can’t even tell you how many times we have cried over these letters; or how many times we have laughed so hard, for so long until we choked from lack of oxygen; or exchanged glances as we read the other’s letters, with a knowing look and a slight nod of our head and say, “mmhmm”.   We share our deepest secrets, and exchange our letters.  This is something we have done, when once upon a time we shared a small room saturated in crumpled homework, tea bags and tea cups, love letters never meaning to be sent, The Beatles Greatest Hits tape playing, and stayed up until the sun came up.

Now as “grownups” and having left Neverneverland, we haven’t been able to share the New Years’ Eve tradition for quite some time.  We still write our letters (and sometimes cheat by writing it a month-later, or use the laptop, or email it to each other on New Years’ Eve), but I always, always hold those days of us as young girls readying ourselves for young adulthood sharing with one another those dreams of the future so strongly in my heart. But this year, things are back on track: my sister & I get to share our wonderful tradition with each other once again.  In spite of sounding like a 14 year old girl again, will this year be the year where all our hopes and dreams come true??

What are some of your New Years’ traditions?  Or what are some of your hopes and dreams for 2011?




4 thoughts on “A Brief Look at 2010

  1. What a lovely tradition to have with your sister! Looking back on this year, I’ve been pretty pleased with the amount of support brought into and given in my community – I really do feel there has been a stronger power in it and would love to see that strengthen and grow further. I found this blog very fun to read, thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing, Christina! It’s funny you should say this, because I was just saying this same thing the other day. I feel that the year 2010 the community really has been stronger (everywhere, in each community) … it goes to show what a difference it can make when people really do come together. The Beattles had it right all along. 😉

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