Kombucha and the Great Love Affair

Kombucha has been around for centuries.  Much longer than GT’s Dave Synergy drinks and their distributors.

When GT’s Dave Synergy drinks (specifically their “Trilogy”, as matters of personal taste and opinion) abandoned us, I was left in complete shock and disarray.  Trilogy dumped me.  Flirted with me with its colorful packaging, and seduced me with its taste.  It left me feeling on top of the world, energized with bubbling bliss and euphoria.   It was a good thing going, Tril and me.  For years of solid happiness, understanding, mutual respect and awareness and calm, it was a good relationship.  And without warning, without any hint of its leaving me … Tril left me.  And I found out through a Co-Op employee!  I felt used, deflated, scared.  Was it really … the end?

I remember the day well: at my local Co-Op, shuffling around the store with old and worn-out Børn sandals, and heading towards the cooler section.  I stood there, where the Kombucha always is, and saw an empty space.  Had word got out that Kombucha was the cure-all of all disease and mental illness?  Was there something I was missing?  Was everybody having an affair with Kombucha, and is Tril cheating on me?  I walked over to an employee.

“Hey.  Uhhh.  What’s up with the no … Kombucha?”

“Out.  Distributors of GT’s Dave are questioning the alcohol content. So they pulled it and are testing it.”

“Get out.”


A profound conversation, I know.  The great masterminds of dialogue would be proud.  But it got to the point, and my question was answered.  My mind went into monologue panic mode. Okay.  What?! I didn’t even see this coming. No more kombucha?  This isn’t right.  How dare they? How am I going to drink Kombucha? What am I going to drink in the morning?  Tea?  Where’s the fizz?  I suppose instead of milk in tea, how would tonic water be?  That’s gross. No.  That won’t work.  Tonic water in coffee?  That’s disgusting.  My energy feels depleted just knowing I won’t have a kombucha in the morning.  How long does testing take?  This could take ages!  I do have a scoby and that one bottle of Trilogy in the fridge….

And then it was the beginning of a new relationship.  People warned me.  Sure, some could consider it a rebound.  My passion for Tril had faded – left me alone feeling half empty.  But I needed that feeling back, however small and tasteless.  I made my own kombucha.  I waited.  I brewed over my relationship with Tril.  Some said it wouldn’t be the same; there is no replacement for Trilogy.  I said, “I’ll make it work”.

I can happily say that, 3 months post-Tril, I have a newer, happier, more fulfilling relationship with Homemade.  Homemade makes me feel confident and secure (no distributor can pull it away; I’m in control here).  Homemade gives me more, oh! So much more satisfaction!  Tril only gave me one every three days because – Tril was out of my league, upper class and expensive.  Homemade gives it to me all that I want.  I blush thinking how many times I’ve endured Homemade … just in today!  I get Homemade every time I want.  It’s a good, healthy, fulfilling (and free!) relationship.  I no longer have to bottle up my desires.


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