All Choked Up

I realize I may write about food more than anything else, but I’m sorry: I just can’t help it lately.  And if you told me I’d be taking pictures of produce ten years ago, I think I might have hung myself from boredom.  However silly I sometimes can get (taking pictures of a salad; a beet; a Kombucha bottle; and now an artichoke), I have to say that I’m terribly fascinated by vegetables, fruits, or any other living matter outside.  In other words, nature.  They’re all just so … so … complex!

This morning while watering the garden I noticed the artichoke plant.  It’s never been a heavy producer, and we’d be lucky to get one.  Last year nothing happened to the plant, so this year we figured the same thing would happen.  But to our great surprise, something has happened; it’s stocked full of artichokes (about 10).  Barefoot and feet pressed against the damp summer morning grass, I walked over to the plant.  One hand holding a hose, the other holding a cup of tea.  Hair long and crazy, shorts and long shirt, and having a conversation with an artichoke:  Hey, good morning Artichoke!  Nice to meet you.  It’s been a while.

I suppose it’s safe to say, a happy gardener has a happy garden.

So, readers, is there anything in your garden this year that has surprised you?


8 thoughts on “All Choked Up

  1. Beautiful picture! The bad weather and slugs surprised us all this year, but as for vegetables are concerned I’d have to say my first attempt to grow a melon in the NW is my “good surprise”.

  2. I’ve never had any luck with cabbages, but this year I’ve already harvested one big head, and I have three more to come!

  3. I too have a bunch of artichokes but I have decided to let them flower out. They are just to small to eat. I had great success with lots of peas too. We are on our third planting. I’m happy to hear your garden is doing well :)!

    • Thanks, Justina! A friend of mine actually gave me a delicious recipe that calls for zucchini: Zucchini, Potato, Corn Chowder.

      – 3-4 c of zucchini
      – 3-4 c of corn
      – 2-3 c of potatoes
      – 1 whole onion
      – 5 cloves of garlic
      – salt and pepper to taste
      – 6 fried bacon (I personally don’t like bacon, but added it in to give it a bit more flavor and it was perfect)
      – 2% milk (you can use whole or half and half for a creamier version)

      add a can of clam juice and a can of clams and it can be a delicious alternative to clam chowder, too!

      It was delicious.

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