Just Beet It

On a hot summer night, there’s nothing that says “crisp cool salad for dinner” better.  A nice balsamic vinaigrette, with delicate garden lettuces, plump tomatoes, spicy chives, goat cheese and avocado always hits the spot for me, but tonight I wanted to do something slightly different.  I also wanted to use up some of the beets in our back garden.  And so, in mind of forgoing the traditional Caesar Salad with Romaine, I decided to use Beet Greens.  And what a surprise!   It made my taste buds very pleased.


  • One beet, fully cooked (300° F baked in oven for 1 hr)                              
  • Entire stock of beet greens
  • 3-4 leaves of red or green leaf lettuce
  • Handful of croutons
  • 3 T fresh Parmesan
  • 1 T Caesar Salad Dressing
  • Roasted chicken (optional)

Makes 2 servings.

You can probably just toss everything together, but I always do it the same way every time: add greens together, dressing and mix together.  Then sprinkle Parmesan cheese, stir.  Add croutons, chicken and cooked beet on top.  (In other, simpler words, your basic salad making skills) Voila!  It’s a nontraditional Caesar Salad!


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