The Little Visitor

Our back garden burst into color this week (finally – after a long bout of unusual wet and chilly weather here in the Pacific Northwest, the sun has finally made her appearance).  The daisies are back.  The fuschias  bloomed.  The sweet peas sweetly opened.  The clematis, though hiding behind our pompous grapevine, are shyly saying hello.  And there’s this big, beautiful, show-off of a red flowery plant that I don’t know the name of.  It looks like this:

… So, feel free to let me know what it is!  I’ve tried asking around (by foolishly trying to describe it: “Oh, you know.  It’s this big RED plant with, uh, lots and lots of green spindly leaves this big that look like tall blades of grass.  The flowers go pew! pew! out like a, um, like a lot of other little red flowers.  And it’s really big.  Did I mention it’s red?” … Needless to say, people look at me and tell me, “Sorry, I don’t know what plant you’re describing.  A fuschia?”).  I suppose I can always snip off a branch and show it to my local nursery.

Today, however, while admiring this big mystery plant, I heard the welcoming sound of an old friend.  The hummingbird.  This mystery plant is not only gorgeous, but the hummingbirds go crazy over it!  And I mean crazy.  In the mornings it’s not an unusual sight to see four or five hummingbirds at the same time drinking the sweet nectar from the mystery plant.  They’re such darling little birds.  They’re like a cross between a butterfly, a fairy, and a small bird.  And with such sweet music.  Welcome back, little ones!


3 thoughts on “The Little Visitor

  1. Your mystery plant, Roberta, is called a Crocosmia Lucifer. And, yes, if you want Hummingbirds, these plants will do the trick.

    • Thank you, Chris! I googled the name and you’re exactly right! Crocosmia Lucifer! For years now I’ve not known what this “mystery plant
      was, so this is very exciting for me. 🙂

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