A Rose By Any Other Name …

There are two types of flowers that send me in delirious happiness when I smell them: roses and sweet peas.  I love the two for different reasons.  Roses always takes me to the present, and gives me a sense of immediate enjoyment for the day.  Sweet Peas, on the contrary, sends me back in time when my late grandfather would pluck them from his garden and place them in one of my Nana’s beautiful antique vases in time for morning’s breakfast.  A rose by any name would smell so sweet… this goes for Sweet Peas, too.

During rose blooming season, there are a few things I like doing.  I like trimming them and placing them vicariously around the house in vases (or jars, if I don’t have any more vases, which always seems to be the case).  I like making potpourri (I use this recipe).  And most especially, I like getting “Petal Showers” from my two little boys as they dance around me with giggles and sweet childish kisses.

When my Sweet Peas bloom, I snip the flowers off immediately (they multiply in abundance the more you snip away) and place them in little jars on nightstands in the bedroom and everywhere else that volunteers, “Here!” (which is just about everywhere).  Like the Lilac, Sweet Peas scent up a room so fast and so sweetly – no artificial room spray or “plug-in” could suffice. 

So, in respect to Shakespeare himself, What’s in a name? That which we call a rose /By any other name would smell as sweet.


2 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name …

  1. When I smell a sweet pea, I think of a sunny day in Ferndale when I decorated my sister’s hair with sweetpeas of every color and variety–and then took pictures of her!

    • I remember a day like that fondly. 🙂 During the summer days of teenage bliss where bike rides to a nearby apple orchard called us from afar, beckoning to listen to gossip from two sisters in love with a life shared together.

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