A Life So Deer

I woke up this morning with the soft rainfall and misty skies beckoning me to stay inside my cozy messy house.  When I say messy, I mean messy.  Crumpled up papers everywhere (why so must waste? I really should think about this), teacups lazily sitting on the piano, a wool blanket hanging over a very red and very kid-friendly (translation: dirty) sofa, half-eaten apple on my computer desk, and just stuff everywhere imaginable.  But it’s home.  It’s our home, where my family and I feel comforted and relaxed and able to spend a day together with over-sized t-shirts and warmed conversations over tea and toast.  It’s sometimes in these moments, as well, where I fall in love with my husband all over again; his cinnamon eyes, his soft deep voice asking me if I’d like “another cuppa tea”, and his disheveled hair.  And then, in this realization, a deer comes into the front garden, nibbles some leaves and my heart swells in complete enchantment.


4 thoughts on “A Life So Deer

  1. Thanks! Yes, the rain makes us want to stay inside, safe & warm … and the sun has an opposite effect on us: outside doing adventures after adventures!

  2. Such a beautiful picture, Roberta. And this blurb struck a nostalgic chord in my soul: companionship in the mornings over coffee and newspaper! Irreplaceable.

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