A Building With Golden Hues

Every once in a while, in the hustle bustle of a big city like Seattle, it’s refreshing to stop and take a moment, look up, and notice.  Notice something like the sun setting against a tall glass building, displaying its own Klimt Moment.  The brilliant orange, contrasted by the Spring Green, is enough to say, “Hey.  Made ya look.”  This is one of the treats of walking: you actually get to notice these things.  In a car you’d be too busy fumbling for your Blackberry, juggling a latte and ipod at the same time as cursing at your fellow vehicle neighbor on the side of you (the one who cut you off moments ago).  This is one of the reasons I like to walk: you don’t have much to think about.  Just little things … like buildings with golden hues.


2 thoughts on “A Building With Golden Hues

  1. This is exactly the reason I walk or ride my bike every where (that and cutting back on greenhouse emissions, exercise and a stress-free mode of transport!). Thanks for posting!

  2. I agree. I’ve also started taking the bus a little more – you’re so right on with alternative modes of transportation being more stress-free than driving!

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