A Springy Thought

I love Sping.   No, wait.  That’s such a clichéd thing to say, isn’t it?  I mean, really; doesn’t everybody love spring?  Don’t we all feel that giddiness rush through our veins on the first sunny, warm day?  I can’t speak for everybody, but I do plead guilty to every so often feeling a surge of nostalgia during my teenage years when spring hits.  I can almost, almost, hear “Hey Macarena!” in the distance, and oh my God is that the mysterious sandy blond headed boy (what was his name?  Josh?) in my 10th grade pottery class moping beneath the Willow tree??  No.  False alarm.  It’s just an abandoned wine barrel.  Honestly; I need to get those aged eyes of mine checked.  Ah, yes.  Spring.  The season that makes the heart aflutter, the birds sing, and delicate petals bloom.

Our back garden is a place I cherish.  We spend so much time back there that our poor front yard gets sadly neglected.  I’m sure our neighbors don’t mind seeing thousands of overgrown weeds intermingling with one another, creating its own ecosystem … right?  Surely foliage from last Autumn’s appearance strewn all around the pebble pathway, housing all sorts of little critters, and dandelions will perhaps become the newest Front Yard Fashion.  I can see it now: HGTV’s latest Curb Appeal could potentially tear down a perfectly manicured front yard and put in “Urban Overgrowth” in its place.  Hmm.  In all seriousness, I plan to tackle this, ahem, eyesore tomorrow.

But back to the back garden!  The place nobody else sees, save for family and friends and our ferocious Gandalf (poor birds, bunnies and snakes … yes, snakes!) cat.  The garden has bloomed into an abundance of color.  Flowers, flowers, and flowers.  Best of all, it’s designed as a Wildlife Habitat where most of every plant helps protect and nourish wildlife.  Berries, foliage, nuts, pollen, nectar to name a few … we love to spy on nearby hummingbirds, squabbling jays and other birds (my avian knowledge is next to null), chipmunks and squirrels, and raccoons.  Considering this back garden is nearly entirely enclosed, it’s pretty impressive to see so much wildlife.  And the bees!  Oh, we do love the bees!

So, yes.  It’s just this time of year where everything outside begins to explode.  Where our childish selves are excused for thoughtless tendencies (examples being frivolous purchases of darling pink frilly tops, and neglected front yards … hey, just blame it on spring fever!)  On top of all the flowers and berries and fruit trees, we have our vegetable garden that we’ve been working on since February (more on that later).  Needless to say, we love the Earth.  So, in honor of Earth Day today, I write this little note of thanks … Thank you, Earth, for being so kind to us.  If only we can always be so kind to you.


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