Linens ‘N Things…

I’m always so tired of having to cram countless towels, linens (and things) in my incredibly small linen closet.  I have two complaints about this subject: Firstly, why are linen closets so small?  And secondly, why do I have ten times as many pillow cases and sheets as I do beds and pillows?  So, to solve one plight, this is what I did during a Spring Clean: I recycled a few of my linens.  By recycling, I mean making things out of them.

I grabbed a torn and ratty jersey cloth pillow case and ho-hummed for a while.  I squinted, sipped some tea and thought to myself, “I love the cloth, the texture and the softness – but what do I do with it?”  And then after a little while I saw a sailboat painted on it, and a little boys’ shirt.  I don’t know how to sew, but I thought I’d give it a go.

What I did was get out one of my youngest sons’ basic shirts and use that as a “sketch”.  I outlined it with charcoal and made two sizes bigger.  I handstitched it in black to give it somewhat of a “homemade edgy” look – I figured that since I’m not a sewer, if I’m going to make it look “homemade” I’d might as well make it look intentionally imperfect.  I still need to hem the collar somehow (this is where I’ll need some input), but for the time being it turned out better than I imagined.

It turned out kind of cute.  Whimsical in the way of “not perfect … at all” but I was pleased with it.  I put it on my youngest son and I beamed.  I made the baby and the shirt!  It was a satisfactory moment.

With some of the extra linens, I made the usual dishrags and a few homemade hankies.  I’m currently working on a little rag doll for my sons, which has so far only taken me a month.  In due time, in due time…


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